Welcome to sQuid

sQuid enables and manages payments in the digital economy. We fill the space where banks can’t go, and we replace cash with easy to use smart technologies, typically with a contactless smartcard (or a smartphone or even a biometric device).

There are many areas where new payments management services are required.

With sQuid we aim to deliver a positive impact on all our users and clients, and to assist the economy, whether a local campus economy, an aid programme, or a whole country as it shifts to digital transactions. sQuid-enabled transactions can eliminate fraud, are easy to use, open to all, low cost and data rich.

Our resilient technology is end to end, supported by a UK team, and sQuid has proved itself as an authorised FCA eMoney business. Our innovation has received industry awards. Our business is growing and already manages two million transactions per month in the UK.

We are particularly focused on a number of business segments, including schools, universities, business campuses, distribution of aid and bursaries, and internet payments.